Data Science Best Practices

Data science is a constantly evolving field that provides necessary data insights for businesses in all industries. For a business to be competitive, it is important to understand how to correctly use data science tools, and there are best practices to help companies understand this essential discipline.

Efficiency, documentation, a reliable infrastructure, constant monitoring, and communication are five of the most important practices when it comes to data science.

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5 Data Science Best Practices

There are many data science best practices, but the five below can be considered five of the most important data science practices:

1. Ensure Data Science Project Efficiency

When looking at data science practices, one of the most important is to ensure project efficiency for customers and companies alike. There are multiple ways to ensure that data science projects give value to the company:

  • Stakeholder/Employee Engagement.
  • Identify Companies’ Objectives.
  • Modeling Efforts.

Stakeholder/Employee Engagement

Engagement begins with identifying the stakeholders and employees that may work on a company’s data science project. Both groups should run data science tools often to see frequent updates, so they will notice unusual behavior.

Identify Company Objectives

Whoever is working on the data science project needs to understand why the project is happening, and see what parts of the company need to be changed for improvements.

Modeling Efforts

Data science models are vital to any data science project. Depending on what a business needs, a company can find the best data science model for their metrics.

Engagement, identifying objectives, and needed modeling efforts can ensure efficiency in data science projects. And can also provide overall benefit for the company and customers’ infrastructure.

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2. Document Data Science Results

Collecting and keeping track of data science results is necessary to perform correctly. It gives workers the ability to see what stays the same and what changes, whether positive or negative.

Before a professional documents the project, it is important to ask questions:

  • Who will read the documentation?
  • What is needed from this documentation?
  • How should the documentation be written?

These questions can help professionals know how to write the documents for a company to understand it more effectively. This can also reduce unnecessary results and help grow the infrastructure needs.

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3. Create a Reliable Data Science Infrastructure

Data science is based on the infrastructure of the model in which a company needs to choose wisely to have the right performance, integrity, accuracy, and scalability a company needs. Reliability in both the data science field and a company’s infrastructure is vital to a successful system.

There are multiple key needs for a company to pick the right infrastructure:

  • Easy to fix infrastructure: A company may want their tool to provide logs of any errors to be sent back to them to see what the issues entail. Companies also want a system that can track errors, classify them, and group them to make the errors easy to fix.
  • Scalability options: The infrastructure a company chooses needs to have flexibility with data transferring, processing speed and power, quick file transfers, and the ability to grow and change the data in workflows.
  • Security in the infrastructure: Cybersecurity is still one of the top needs for companies and their data. Develop an infrastructure that can help find errors whether through the authorization of employees or prioritizing the security levels.
  • Easy to automate and connect: Automation saves a company time and money, and data science can benefit an infrastructure with automation as well. The infrastructure should also connect automatically with server providers, databases, and essential machines.

It is also recommended that the model should be aligned with the needs above. There are many companies that offer data science solutions, including:

  • Deloitte
  • Dice
  • AWS
  • Microsoft
  • Accenture

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4. Monitor Data Science Structure

When a company deploys data science in their infrastructure, they need to shift their attention to monitoring what system metrics, error rates, traffic volume, and app loading times that will be part of their infrastructure.

Learning these factors about the data science infrastructure will help a company create reports for their stakeholders and other needed leaders so any problems can be solved early on. The reports will also help a company see if their systems are working properly.

To avoid any challenges while setting up a data science infrastructure, some questions need to be answered:

  • Who is responsible for the data science models in the infrastructure?
  • Can the monitoring process help track performance?
  • Is there a way to check production?
  • What is the plan if the system stops working well?
  • How can a company ensure further security measures are helping?

Once a business is sure about the answers to the questions, it is important to monitor the data science model as much as possible. Keeping up with metrics, error rates, and traffic is vital to keep a business running.

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5. Communicate Within the Company

Communication is vital when it comes to data science. Tech experts will learn more easily than non-technical employees. Senior leadership, customers, or even other departments in the company need to understand what a report means for the company.

Explaining key concepts, and what exactly is needed and what is not, is a necessary skill. As the data science field grows, it is important to keep every part of the company on the same page.

Three main points on communicating include:

  • Understanding how to explain in non-technical terms.
  • Giving complete clarity in all necessary information.
  • Getting to the point quickly.

If the information is clear, there is less of a chance to explain it again. Once the information is communicated, a company can ensure they have what they need.

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How To Apply Data Science Practices In Your Business

Applying data science practices is a must to use the tools to a business’s advantage. Ensuring projects efficiently, documenting reports, reliable data science in infrastructure, monitoring, and communicating throughout the company offers the best result.

Data science best practices help businesses make faster decisions and through the best practices, a company will find major benefits:

Business Planning With Reporting And Documentation

Reporting every result from evaluations can help a business make better decisions. Other tools may help with decision-making, but data science is known to give fast answers for a business.

Performance Tracking With Monitoring And Communication

Awareness of results that are monitored will help a company see what changes need to be made when it comes to employee and performance tracking. This not only uses monitoring, but communication to help improve company performance.

Process Automation With Efficiency And Reliability

Time is often wasted in business when employees are responsible for repetitive tasks. Efficient automation can benefit a company by adding efficiency through these tasks. When a company has a reliable infrastructure, automation can become very easy yet still track company information.

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Bottom Line: Best Practices for Data Science

Working with data science is vital, especially as the industry grows. Efficiency, documentation, infrastructure, constant monitoring, and communication are five of the most important practices when it comes to data science.

If a company uses these data science best practices, it will in most cases offer significant competitive advantage.

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